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The Effective Living Centre (ELC) is an ongoing community engagement project of Christ Church – Wayville Uniting Church, founded in 1998.

Our primary purpose is to promote living effectively in our present time and creating partnerships with members of the wider community who identify with achieving the aims of the ELC.

We seek to enlighten and empower people to take responsibility for advancing our society towards the common good. We are open to all people regardless of any social, political or religious persuasion.

The ELC is a recognised mission centre of Mission Resourcing, Uniting Church SA.


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Social Issues: Justice and Equity

Our Social Issues events and activities seek to raise awareness and propose ways forward to respond to matters of inequality, injustice and threats to life on the planet.

Sacred & Creative

Our Sacred and Creative activities aim to foster the arts as a means of enhancing life, exploring spirituality and cultivating the search for meaning.

Progressive Christianity Network SA

Hosted by ELC, the Progressive Christianity Network of South Australia (PCNet SA) aims to bring together those who seek to explore and express a Christian faith relevant to the 21st century.

Wilks Oration

The annual Wilks Oration provides an opportunity for the community to hear from a prominent guest speaker on a current social concern. These events are held in honour of Graham Wilks, a founder of the ELC.

Environmental Action Group

From 2017, the ELC has been invited to act as a centre for the Uniting Church SA Environmental Action Group.

Poets Corner

A group for writers, readers and hearers.
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Seminary of the 3rd Age

The Seminary of the 3rd Age offers persons young and old, of any faith or no faith, the opportunity to explore and reflect on questions of faith and spirituality relevant in the 21st century.

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