December 2022


The Effective Living Centre—and what an interesting name—is the ongoing community engagement project of Christ Church Wayville, and a recognised mission centre of Uniting Church SA. We have been offering great programs and events to the Unley and wider community since 1998; sharing, as our website says, “with people who wish to broaden and develop their own vision and passion for life.”

As to the name itself, founding chair Julie Redman writes, “Effective Living [Centre] was the name the whole congregation chose at a workshop …… to encapsulate a whole balanced life, living with purpose, healthy in body, mind and soul.” What a great name!—and I think we’ve lived up to it again in 2022.

Another way of putting it, which I stumbled on during the year, is “Prophetic work for God’s justice in the world”. This puts the mission of the ELC more explicitly in Christian terms, obviously—and, by the way, I pinched the phrase from the Seasons of the Spirit Liturgical resources for 26 June. “Prophetic work”—we’re speaking positive and life-affirming truth out into the world; “God’s justice”—this is “a new way of living”, based on true justice, peace, joy, hope, love—definitely the most effective way of living in the world, in other words!

In the second half of 2022 the ELC offered a very successful program of events, which you can read about in our latest newsletter below—a great fundraising concert, Seminary of the 3rd Age August and October series, bimonthly Poets’ Corner, Social Justice events, Wilks Oration with Tameka Thompson, “Walking Sacred Paths”, Environmental Action Group activities.

What’s coming up in 2023? Our big focus for the year will be the lead up to the anticipated referendum on enshrining an Indigenous Voice to Parliament in the Constitution—and we at the ELC will be working towards a resounding YES vote—see my article in our Christmas 2022 newsletter exploring the key issues involved.

So, happy effective living to you all this Christmas! We look forward to your involvement and continued support in 2023.


Fergus McGinley – Chair of Management Committee